Solo Female Travel Tips: Advice from Women Who Know

We are sometimes asked to narrow down our top tips for women traveling solo. Taking some from how to travel solo as a women, others from our safety advise and still more from our lifestyle pieces for women, here they are.

  1. Choose your destination with Intent. You can travel better simply by understanding why you want to go where you want to go. Dig down. The initial inspiration may come from a book you read or a movie you watched, but surely there’s more to the story. Understand your intent, what’s drawing you to the destination, and you’ll have a more enriching travel experience. You may want to read Best Budget Destinations for Solo Travelers: the 2019 Shortlist.
  2. Plan your first night well. At minimum, have a place to rest your head on the first night of every destination on your trip and plan to arrive by mid afternoon. It’s important to have the time to find your hotel or hostel in daylight and time to change your accommodation if you determine that this is not the place for you. Read Solo Travel Safety: 50+ Tips for Those Who Travel Alone.
  3. Visualize the necessities but no more. Traveling solo does require attention to details. Visualizing how the practical aspects of your trip fit together, from departure to transfers to accommodation, help you travel with less stress. But stop imagining what the trip will be like at that point. Be open to opportunities as they arise. It’s impossible to travel without any expectations of a destination, however, the less you are driven by specific expectations the freer you will be to travel in the moment. Read Solo Travel. Mindful Travel.
  4. Pack light. You’re going to save money and be more mobile if you pack light. It requires a bit more planning to have a wardrobe that stretches from hiking boots to high heels but it can be done. Choose a base color (black, brown, beige, navy), a contrast color (white, beige…) and a color or two to accessorize and pull it all together. Read Bare Minimum Packing: Here’s Your Packing List.
  5. Keep your accommodation to yourself. Your accommodation is your safe haven. Don’t tell people where you’re staying. If they ask, it’s easy to be vague. Read: Solo Travel Safety: Safe Answers to Common Questions.
  6. You do not have to eat alone. From cooking classes to day tours to themed dinners, there are so many ways to have company over dinner if that’s what you want. Read Solo Travel: You Don’t Have to Eat Alone
  7. Protect your documents, cards and cash. Keep your passport and other important documents secure. Have backup copies on you and at home with your trusted contact. Read Protect Yourself from Pickpockets: Keep Cards & Cash Safe.
  8. Meet other women travelers. You can build friendships with women around the world. My favorite way is by staying at hostels. Read Sleeping with Strangers: The Hostel Experience and Women Welcoming Women: A Gateway to International Friendships
  9. Take a break from technology. Women lead busy lives. To really relax you may want to back off social media for a while.  A break from screens and technology, both of which can be incredibly addictive, will help you discover yourself more fully. Read Transformed on The Ghan
  10. Stay local, buy local, meet locals. By planning well you will have a better understanding of how to be supportive of the local economy. Buy local crafts, eat local food, stay in locally-owned accommodation so that the profits don’t leave the country. And as you do all of this, connect with locals. This will give you much on which to reflect.

Author: Shradha

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